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Ruth Garrido CMT, RN, APTA

therapeutic massage, bodywork and stretching

Dedicated to educate my community to healthy lifestyle practices and promote wellness through example and skilled practice . 

About Us

Practitioner Biography

Ruth founded Applied Therapies LLC, formerly Bodyscapes INC in 2001.  After being severely injured in an automobile accident she experienced persistent pain and mobility restrictions. The only lasting

relief was found in a daily stretching practice. Ruth has since  dedicated her professional and personal life to facilitating and promoting health and wellness for herself and her community.

 Ruth has completed well over 800 hours of continuing education in massage, bodywork and yoga therapies. In addition to being a certified massage therapist, Ruth is a registered nurse and has earned  an associates degree as a physical therapist assistant. Her formal professional educations have been obtained from the Blue Ridge School of Yoga and Massage Therapy, Radford University, Jefferson College of Health Sciences and the Asheville Yoga Center. 

In order to stay happy, mobile and pain free, Ruth participates in daily yoga practice and walks in the mountains with her two beloved therapy dogs Pete and Simon. 

Ruth is passionate about wellness and sharing her skilled therapeutic technique with her community. 

Physically, we are all the same; the differences are our experiences.

Services Offered

Wellness Massage: standard massage therapy utilizing light to medium pressure. Gentle stretching may be utilized in this massage. 

Therapeutic Massage: medium to firm pressure is utilized to facilitate the release of  tissues. Passive and or active stretching may be utilized to increase range of motion. Additional focus may be given to particular regions of the body if pain or injury exists. 

Therapeutic Cupping: cups are placed on the body to facilitate the release of tight tissues and to increase range of motion. Great improvements in range of motion and posture are common with the therapy. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT CUPPING OFTEN LEAVES DISCOLORATIONS ON THE SKIN WHICH MAY LAST UP TO A WEEK. The discoloration becomes less as the tissues regain a more healthy constitution.

Positional Taping: A pliable therapeutic tape is applied to  restore and maintain the natural skeletal alignment of  focal joints through support and positioning. 

Stretching Instruction: personalized stretching routine including active and passive techniques whereby the client or the therapist initiates movement that results in a muscle stretch. Often yoga positions (asanas) are utilized as the mode of stretch. The therapist provides assistance to obtain a maximal,  comfortable stretch for the client. 

Thai Yoga Massage: the client remains clothed and the session is performed  on the floor on a padded mat. The client is put into yoga postures and the therapist performs massage  to deepen the stretch.

Pet Therapy: Simon and Pete offer loving kindness to everyone who visits our office. They are skilled at pleasantly greeting our guests and soundly sleeping while Ruth works. 

If you are not a dog lover, it's NOT a problem.  They will stay in their dog room...but you will still receive their loving intentions from afar. 

The Difference...

Ruth approaches each client and each massage uniquely and thus, no two massages are ever the same. As we are always changing in our mood and our body, each session is catered to meet the client's need on that particular day. Ruth makes a global assessment at each session in order to take an appropriate therapeutic approach

Formal academic education, over eighteen years of massage and bodywork practice and a personal struggle through injury and pain has given Ruth an approach to massage therapy that is neither ordinary nor replicable.

Come, discover the healing benefits of massage for yourself.

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